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Railways Students In Edinburgh

20 trainee rail technicians arrived in Edinburgh from Wola, Poland during the infamous Fringe Festival to immerse themselves into its rich railway industry (as well as the city’s renowned cultural offerings). Their two week trip would take them from the first Scottish Railway during lectures with Tutor Matt Skidmore, through The Borders Railway whose regeneration has brought prosperity to the area, then on to the present day modernisation, through the electrification of the Edinburgh to Glasgow route.

The students heard from experts including George Davidson from Transport for Scotland, John Yellowleese from ScotRail and Garry Irvine from the Forth Rail Hub, plus they got the chance to get hands on experience in building and maintenance at Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway and Almondell Model Engineering Centre thanks to the Scotish Railway Preservation Society and The Edinburgh Society of Model Engineers.

An insight into the training available to Edinburgh rail students was provided by Professor Tim Stratford, of Edinburgh University, where the students had a go at building their own bridges. Learning and fun went hand in hand during the trip and praise for all of those involved was overflowing.

Enso would like to thank all of the organisations who volunteered their time and provided all of the resources that gave the students a life changing experience and will inspire the next generation of young rail professionals.

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