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Bridging education across organisations  

Why We Do It

8TI is an independent agency that specialising in project consulting and delivery, partnership arrangements and delivery. We work across a diverse range of clients and industries, providing an integrated service approach across all media ranging from project planning and consulting including partnership arrangements; helping our clients achieve their growth ambitions.

How We Do It 

We are an international multi-lingual team, our team is based throughout Europe supporting our project partners to achieve their international ambitions. We pride ourselves on our diversity. We focus on development and constantly searching for research, insights, and best practice. We can provide advice & consulting that will help you plan, manage and achieve all aspects of your projects.

Who We Are

We’re an international multi-lingual team, with colleagues based throughout Europe to help in projects we develop and support, achieving environmental international ambitions. Our team is multi-disciplinary, and multi-skilled applying our unique approach, enjoying discovering a wealth of ideas, research and insights. 


Katarzyna Sikora

Partnership Director


Magdalena Nowak

Branch manager & Partnership Coordinator


Magdalena Nowak

Branch manager & Partnership Coordinator

Matthew Skidmore

Railway Tutor

Our Credo

We deliver projects and courses, anywhere, anytime. Tailored to our individual partners bespoke needs.

Where We Work 



Euroform RFS (Italy)

We had the great opportunity to participate in a training event organized  by 8TI and to collaborate with them in the implementation of a project.

Quality, commitment and teamwork characterized our experience with them, they are the partners everyone would like to work with.

Host Nicole (Bristol)

We recently hosted two Polish boys for a month. The organisation and planning for their stay and the activities they did were really thorough and well thought out.
The communication with 8TI was great and we really enjoyed hosting the boys. 
Will definitely host again!

Tomek (Poland)

8TI's professionalism and vast experience in Mobility Projects leaves us feeling confident that our students are always in safe hands. We have worked with them for a number of years and I'm not sure how we could run projects without them. The team are a pleasure to work with. 

Our Sister Organisations 

Alongside 8TI we work with Kensho and Work Experience Agency to support various projects and pooling our expertise.

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