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School Climate Changers: a practical and interactive course to build sustainable and climate friendly school

The goal of this course is to teach important knowledge, practical tools, and hands-on experience in order to develop climate-friendly and sustainable school communities. The course is designed to apply systemic thinking and creative approaches to tackle these issues in schools in an integrated way, through collaboration, teamwork, and effective engagement. Starting with key references from the international framework, such as the UN Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as key concepts, facts, and innovative theories around sustainability and climate. Aside from certain institutional references, such as the UNESCO 2020 "Getting Climate Ready" guidance for schools, the course will offer you with a practical Toolkit that will guide you in developing your own climate project/initiative to bring back to your school. Everyone has a role to play in this, so the course is designed for both teaching and non-teaching professionals.


  • Effectively communicate essential concepts, facts, and data related to sustainability and climate change;

  • Apply what you've learned in interactive workshops and conversations about real-life case studies, as well as in the creation of a personal project;

  • Examine possible climate-friendly school solutions in their operational area (whether it's teaching, school governance, operations, or something else), taking into account the effects across all aspects of sustainability;

  • Assess their school's, organization's, or work unit's performance in terms of sustainability and climate change;

  • Design successful climate programs and activities for their school/organization, due to a practical toolkit supplied, allowing participants to become change-makers towards climate friendly schools.

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