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School Development & School Management 

To become a headteacher you’ll need experience as a teacher, usually as a deputy head or other senior manager. You'll have experience of extra responsibilities, for example as a coordinator of literacy or head of pastoral care. Depending on your experience, you could work in primary, secondary, special or independent schools and academies.This course is for Head Teachers, teachers becoming headteachers, governors.

This course aims to provide:  an insight into Standards and School Development Strategies, Quality Evaluation Criteria and Inspection Procedures in Primary and Secondary Education from the perspective of: Headteachers and Schools, Local Education Authorities and Schools Inspectors an opportunity for educators of different European nationalities to exchange experiences.


  • Gain a better understanding of  tracking record of school improvements.

  • The importance of developing a value students and staff and take a pride in their achievements.

  • Gain leadership skills: Can lead and motivate staff and students.

  • The developments around the recognition of non-formal learning - source and analyse up-to-date authentic materials.

  • Delivering new ideas & projects within school; Managing change and build on the school’s strengths.

  • Building a welcoming school community and a supportive governing body.

  • Reflection and adaptation of one’s own values, attitudes and action patterns.

Practical activities: 

  • Day visit to a Vocational College. Tour of school.

  • Lecture and Discussion with the Headteacher focusing on school development, quality evaluation & enhancement. 

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