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Leadership Coaching in Schools 

The courses within this programme are all designed for international, EU and home students and taught via a blend of workshops and distance learning. Faculty members are actively engaged in scholarship and have relevant experience in a wide range of workplace contexts. We use a flexible approach to enable attendance for those based overseas and/or with full-time work or other responsibilities. The programme involves 5-days or 10 days of highly practical, experiential, and for many, transformational workshop time. The focus is on development and refinement of coaching competencies, combined with learning tools, techniques and approaches. The programme is ideal for anyone coaching as part of their job role, including teachers, senior school staff school, head teachers, HR and L&D specialists, leaders and consultants.


  • Learn about strategies & resources for educators 

  • The importance of developing a culture of coaching in schools. 

  • Reflect on educators teaching knowledge and skills in the focus areas of this course.

  • Source and analyse up-to-date authentic materials for use in their own classes.

  • Create academic materials (videos).

  • Reflection and adaptation of one’s own values, attitudes and action patterns.

Training includes:

  • Empowering others: Coaching and Mentoring (What is coaching? And what’s the difference between mentoring and coaching?).

  • Student Success Stories & Student Career Coaching Services vs. Everyday teaching. 

  • Group workshops for pupils - potential benefits.

  • Coaching for Effective School Leadership.

  • Case studies & Group Exercises.

  • Opportunities to develop practical skills vs. Creative approach.

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