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ICT Teaching 

The aim of the course is to enable participants to use ICT in class and apply the acquired skills to exploiting and creating ICT resources forteaching and learning. The ​existence ​of ​ICTs ​does ​not ​transform ​teacher ​practices ​in ​and ​of ​itself. ​However, ​ICTs can ​enable ​teachers ​to ​transform ​their ​teacher ​practices, ​given ​a ​set ​of ​enabling ​conditions. Teachers’ ​pedagogical ​practices ​and ​reasoning ​influence ​their ​uses ​of ​ICT, ​and ​the ​nature ​of teacher ​ICT ​use ​impacts ​student ​achievement.


  • Learn ​about ​strategies ​& ​resources ​for ​educators.

  • Source ​and ​analyse ​up-to-date ​authentic ​materials ​for ​use ​in ​their ​own ​classes

  • ​To acquire ​new ​skills ​& ​ideas ​for ​using ​technology ​to ​teach ​their subject(s) 

  • Create ​academic ​materials 

  • To ​exchange ​ideas ​and ​develop ​links ​with ​teachers ​from ​other ​European ​countries.

  • Reflection ​and ​adaptation ​of ​one’s ​own ​values, ​attitudes ​and ​action ​patterns.

Practical activities: 

  • Practical guidance to the use of a range of ICT tools (exercises only).

  • Building ICT portfolio - support change and to support/extend existing teaching.

  • Inquiry-based learning in an ICTrich Environment - Using ICTs as tools for information presentation is of mixed effectiveness.

  • Preparing teachers to benefit from ICT use is about more than just technical skills.

  • ICT tools for classroom management - Teacher confidence and motivation.

  • Case studies & Group Exercises.

  • Opportunities to develop practical skills vrs. creative approach.

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