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Planning and Management of Successful Erasmus+ Projects

The training course is addressed to school directors, school inspectors, secondary school teachers, etc., who wish to acquire the skills for successfully accessing and managing Erasmus+ projects in the field of school education and VET. This course aims to provide an insight from the perspective of Headteachers and Schools, Local Education Authorities and Schools Inspectors an opportunity for educators of different European nationalities to exchange experiences.



  • To better plan and guide European projects in the fields of school education and training (Erasmus+)

  • To manage the project objectives and expected outcomes

  • To accomplish the essential procedures for the project presentation.

  • To networking with colleagues from all across Europe, sharing experiences and exchanging your know- how.

  • To collect necessary documents for the project submission. 

Practical activities:

  • Planning of the project budget: eligible cost and budget organization

  • Project self-assessment  & The project evaluation process

  • The procedures for writing and submitting a European project - check your application

  • Analysis of Erasmus + funding opportunities, research for your school


  • Better manage the Erasmus + project’s activities 

  • Monitor and evaluate the project 

  • Produce project reports 

  • Putting your knowledge into practice - easier process of your application

See below how our partners enjoyed the course that 8TI organized and managed. They did this video to share with you their experience.

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