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Electric Cars & Renewable Energy Technologies 

Participating in career progression opportunities not only accelerates teachers’ subject knowledge, it also creates motivation. This new found knowledge and inspiration can then travel back to the school in which they are from. Renewable energy technologies is an important part of today’s education and will work to support the lives of people and the environment into the future.  Teacher training in this ensures the most contemporary methods are shared across Europe. The training supported by 8TI are for teachers of all levels involved in renewable energies and transportation. The programme is designed to create diversity throughout the duration and to incorporate different learning environments. Teachers are expected to record notes, photographs and learning to use upon return to their countries of origin.  


  • Learn about the most contemporary methods used in renewable technologies specific focus on electric cars.  

  • To observe various stages in the production of electric cars including design, research and manufacture. 

  • Reflect on educators knowledge and skills in the focus areas of this course.

  • Time allocated to adapting the knowledge for teaching in the classroom.

  • Create academic materials (videos).

  • Reflection and adaptation of one’s own knowledge, teaching and action points. 

Practical activities: 

  • Visit to electric car manufacturing plant. 

  • Additional visit to the Nissan Development Centre for research and design.

  • Visit and job shadowing to school - preparing designers of sustainable futures.

  • Workshops by bespoke tutor.

  • Visit to spares, electronic car salesrooms and charging stations.  

  • Tour and seminar at the University. 

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