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Sport Management 

Participating in courses available for a sports management degree enhances job opportunities for those starting careers in this versatile field of the sports industry and trying to gain more experience. This course prepare aspiring sports managers for understanding the function and scope of sports organizations and the best, trending methods to employ for working with staff and programs.

This course is for:
Students from the sports sector who wish to go further in sports marketing which is their primary field.

Students from, distribution, institution, equipment or agency sectors, who wish to specialize in the economic governance and management deciding factors which are associated with their original activities, as well as to deal with the human components of industry practices (such as retail or visual merchandising).

Professionals who have an incomplete experience in the sport business areas (who are experts in specific sectors and activities) and who wish to open their sphere of competence and boost their skills.



  • Learn about strategies & resources for educators 

  • The importance of developing a culture of coaching in schools - a programme exclusively designed with a school environment in mind.

  • Reflect on educators teaching knowledge and skills in the focus areas of this course.

  • Source and analyse up-to-date authentic materials for use in their own classes.

  • Create academic materials (videos)

  • Reflection and adaptation of one’s own values, attitudes and action patterns.

Practical activities:

  • Group workshops for pupils - potential benefits 

  • Coaching for Effective School Leadership

  • Case studies & Group Exercises 

  • Opportunities to develop practical skills VS. Creative approach

Possible Jobs: 

  • Local and regional advertising and business sponsoring (business development and partnership manager, sponsoring manager, hospitality and event manager…)​

  • Media and New media (sports journalist, advertising manager, commercial sponsorship…

  • Sporting event organization agencies (technical manager, logistics manager, project coordinator, Director, communications manager, media coordinator, hospitality sponsoring, management of strategic event areas…

  • Sport marketing and communication consultants (project leader, community manager, sales manager, web creator and/or designer, consultant…)

  • Sports goods manufacturers and suppliers (marketing manager, sponsoring manager, product manager, business developer, network manager…)

  • Sports goods distributors (store manager, shelf manager, sales coordinator, presenter, event manager…)

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