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 Wondering how to get started in a railway career? New recruits can enter the industry right out of high school, and you or your students can grow experience in training programs designed to prepared students for the industry. Developed in consultation with Rotterdam experts in railways and guided through the training by them, this course is an experience while learning. We can tailor this programme to your preferences and intertwine teaching days with cultural trips to Cool District, Maritime Museum, Erasmusbrug, The Hague and so much more. 

Day 1 

Rail Service Centre Rotterdam, Rail Terminal

Meet with Customer Service Specialist at RSC Rotterdam for: 

  • Presentation ‘Introduction to the Railcentre’ in The Conversation Room

  • Q&A

  • Visit the Balcony area to take some pictures of the overview of the terminal

  • Short guided tour of the terminal to see the terminal process live


Day 2 

Presentation on the transport system in the Netherlands.

Presentation of various means of transport in the Netherlands and familiarising participants with their technical details.

Practical classes:

  • Distinguishing between elements of railroads and railroad bridges and determining their functions.

  • Students will distinguish the rolling stock and determine its purpose.

  • They will learn about the equipment of passenger and freight carriages in the Netherlands.


Model train activity link - practical workshop

Day 3 

Practical classes on the technical aspects of piloting trains. Students will work out simple train timetables and plot traffic graphs

Railcenter, Meet Manager Learning and development for:

  • Presentation ‘An Introduction to the Railcenter’

  • Explanation of organisation (goals and role within the world of Rail)


Guided Tour of Railcenter 

Day 4 

Practical classes getting to know the operation of traffic control devices on railway routes and traffic stations; - Using schematic plans of railway stations.

Participants will visit the Rotterdam railway terminal.


‘Rail Disasters’ Presentation and Workshop

Day 5 

The group will meet with a representative from the city's transport department. He will explain how transport works in Rotterdam, what the connections are, what companies manage it, etc. He will conduct classes on marketing activities related to the provision of transport services; the students will prepare the roster of employees. 


Mini World Rotterdam  

Railway models, signalisation. 

Rail system tour.


Day 6 

Meeting with the head of the transport administration of the city of Rotterdam on the technical aspects of the city's railway system. The representative will conduct classes during which students will learn about the provision of public services and improving these services. Students will work out simple timetables and plot traffic graphs.

Work on - European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) | ERA

Day 7

Practical classes, during which students learn how to use computer programs supporting railway traffic management.


Workshops: Signal Passed At Danger


Visit to the Steam Train Museum - workshop there. 

  •  Riding on a real steam train and an option to hop on/hop off along the way.

  • The fireman stokes up the fire, the locomotive is whistling and the conductors close every door manually! On the Goes-Borsele Steam Train, you will imagine yourself on a train journey at the start of the last century.

Day 8

Practical classes: participants will be received by the head of the Department of Transport and Logistics. The head of the department will present the particular department. He will conduct classes during which students will prepare transport documents, they will plan the routes of transporting loads, parcels and people; the students will make plans for the efficient use of the wagons.


Locomotive Workshop

Day 9 

Classes during which students will learn about the operation of traffic control devices on railway routes and traffic posts, will use schematic plans of railway stations, students will prepare documentation related to the operation of railway traffic control devices and communication devices. 

Practical classes:

  • Using train timetables;

  • Using computer programs supporting railway traffic management.


Workshop: Rolling Stock of The Netherlands


Workshop: Het Spoorwegmuseum 

  • 1962, the largest train disaster in Dutch history took place near Harmelen on the Utrecht-Rotterdam railway line. Two trains collided head-on in thick fog, killing 93 and injuring 52.

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