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Unemployment is a complex, social phenomenon and efforts towards combating it require a well-planned strategic approach, combining integrated policy measures with effective practices.

The programme involves 10 days of highly practical, and for many, transformational workshop time. The focus is on new businesses set up by entrepreneurial jobseekers & development and refinement of coaching competencies, combined with learning tools, techniques and approaches. The programme is ideal for anyone career coaching as part of their job role, including senior school staff school, staff of job centres, HR and L&D specialists, leaders and consultants.



  • To gain a better understanding of youth & adults unemployment & how to combat social exclusion

  • To provide help with moving from benefits to work - new businesses set up by entrepreneurial jobseekers

  • To know developments around the recognition of non-formal learning - source and analyse up-to-date authentic materials

  • To being able to deliver new ideas & projects within job centre - a programme exclusively designed with a job centre environment in mind 

  • To reflect and adapt one’s own values, attitudes and action patterns

Practical activities:

  • Job shadowing: Entrepreneurial Teacher Education Institutions

  • “We Are Not Job-Seekers, We Are Job-Creators”— Turning Unemployment into Entrepreneurship”

  • Opportunities to develop practical skills VS. Creative approach

  • Outreach strategies of CPD providers


  • Developing a culture of coaching in job centres 

  • Insight into systemic solutions aimed at effectively creating the right attitudes and initiating entrepreneurship.

  • Improve social and creative skills.

  • Anticipate needs and bringing good new ideas to market.

  • Enhance problem solving skills and develop research skills.

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