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Practical Approach to Project Writing

This course is aimed at equipping individuals in organisations of all types and sizes who have the responsibility for developing research and development - style proposals with the relevant skills and know-how to produce engaging, high quality, successful bids. It is relevant to people working in all sectors and to all kinds of proposals irrespective of funding source. Bring your project ideas and discuss them with our experts during the course!

This course is for staff in any organisation considering applying for EU funding beyond theirs administered structural funds will benefit from attending this course, including: local authorities; colleges, vocational schools and universities; housing associations; police forces; fire services; and the voluntary and community sectors. 


  • Understanding the key elements of a well-constructed proposal.

  • Recognising the differences between the various types of proposal and funding stream.

  • Mastering the approaches needed to deliver a proposal in a timely manner.

  • Comprehending the importance of the submission and evaluation processes used for your proposal.

  • Learning the best-practices from experts in the field of proposal development.

  • Networking with colleagues from all across Europe, sharing experiences and exchanging your know- how.

Practical activities:

  • Theoretical lessons about:

    • The Project Idea.

    • The EU’s Objectives.

    • What makes a good partner? .

    • Identifying partners and partner databases.

    • Meeting with partner.

    • Identifying Funding.

  • Bid Preparation.

  • Writing a Successful Bid.

  • Dissemination.

  • Roundup and follow-on support.

  • Best Practices For Successful Project Implementation.

  • Case studies & Group Exercises.  

  • Opportunities to develop practical skills vs. Creative approach. 

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