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Logistics & Hospitality Work Experience in Malaga

2021, an indisputably unprecedented year for travel, work and life as we know it worldwide. As travel began to open up again we at WEA were thrilled to be able to start welcoming students again throughout the EU. In June 2021 we welcomed a group of students from Poland to Malaga. The group was a mix of students from two backgrounds, Logistics and Hospitality/ Gastronomy.

We welcomed them to Malaga at the airport and took them to city centre where they were introduced to their host families. The students were able to create some fantastic bonds with their hosts during their stay. From discovering new foods (and dinner at 10pm!) to bonding over Poland VS Spain in the Euro Football League.

Covid presented it's challenges but we were able to adapt to create invaluable learning experiences. The hospitality and gastronomy students undertook placements in hotels and restaurants in Malaga, including some of the most famous tourist hot spots!

The logistics placement students were originally supposed to undertake their work experience in logistics distribution companies in Malaga. However, covid regulations within this industry meant short term placements didn't meet their risk assessment criteria. WEA put together a course with industry experts that saw the students designing their own products and creating logistics processes. They created some incredible products and worked on real logistics disruption scenarios.

The students also had the opportunity to immerse themselves in local culture. We visited various historical landmarks and even took a day trip to Gibraltar. The outstanding highlight was their teacher getting up close and personal with one of the local residents.

We were thrilled to present this group with certificates upon completion of this project!

The students were extremely excited to have the opportunity to learn and travel especially after the recent global restrictions. We look forward to welcoming the school back again later this year to help provide further learning and development opportunities for their students.

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